Getting to Know Me

For those of you new to my life, I’m Cassie, a twenty something woman of faith and lover of fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, pageants, rom-coms and basically all things girly! Videos set to music are my kryptonite. I love the idea of being healthy but I refuse to quit my chocolate addiction!! Christmas is my favorite season, conveniently followed by my second favorite season… award season!! Walking a red carpet is on my bucket list. I am a firm believer that every day is a fashion show and you can never be overdressed! (Trust me you just have to ignore the stares when you wear a fascinator and high heels to the grocery store in Idaho!) I’m still learning to accept God’s timing over my own, I’m a bit of an OCD life planner (a gift and a curse) but I’m working every day to trust in His will!! I’ve been threatening to start a blog for years now and I think my Facebook followers will be happy that all my deep thoughts and passionate rants will now have some place to go instead of blowing up their news feed.

As a television and movie junkie I figured introducing you to my Hollywood besties would be the best way to get to know exactly who I am!

#1. Mindy Lahiri (Kaling)


Her borderline obsessive love of Hollywood celebrities, fashion, and romantic comedies make her my TV bestie for sure!!

#2 Schmidt


No character on TV has more amazing one liners!! I will never be able to read the word “chutney” without his voice in my head. We share the same fear of freestyle dancing, “teach me the steps and I’d be happy to join in!!” Also he occasionally wears Syracuse gear and we are the #1 Syracuse fans in the Pacific Northwest!! I wish the list ended there but we’re basically the same person…

3. Jess


Those that know me well know that while I try to appear cool I’m actually a total nerd and sometimes I like to sing random things and talk in accents, a trait I inherited from my wonderful mother. Plus she has the fabulous vintage 1950’s housewife style that I adore.

4. Lorelei Gilmore


The quick, ridiculous quips and referencing tv/movie/book characters as if they are real life people. The constant eating of Chinese takeout, donuts, and pizza while maintaining her perfect frame. Yes, just yes! I also just finished her book “Talking As Fast As I Can” and she’s basically the exact same as her character which made me love her even more!!

5. Chip & Joanna Gaines


If you’ve seen the show they need no explanation! Amazing couple, strong faith, so goofy, so lovey dovey, everything my dream family will be!

6. Priyanka Chopra


Mostly my woman crush but seriously Priyanka Chopra (former pageant queen) is my eternal role model for looking stunningly gorgeous even when she’s studying at the FBI and not even trying… I know I know it’s television and she has an entire hair/makeup/wardrobe team working on her and no one ACTUALLY looks like that without trying but let me have my dream okay??

7. Serena Vanderwoodsen


As any fashion girl I had to include at least ONE Gossip Girl character!! While she’s terrible in the romance department she is stunningly beautiful and I could just live in her closet!! I would have been totally happy living her Ivy League lifestyle.



I have my sister to blame for this one! She got my  boyfriend and I hooked on this! He’s a fashionable outgoing Canadian architect so basically Barney/Robin/Ted and I’m the hopeless romantic that loves kids and would rather stay in every night with my other half so Ted/Lily/Marshall. We are currently accepting applications for bestie couple friends that will live nearby forever, preferably above our favorite hang out spot, and one rogue but funny single friend that we can use as entertainment.

9. The Robertson Clan


I mean I live in Idaho, my family and extended family all hunt and fish. We’re Jesus lovin’ country folk! I absolutely adore this family, their values, and their ridiculous adventures! Even though I’m about 6 years older than Sadie… she’s seriously my role model. Read her books or watch her blogs, then you’ll understand!! Fun fact: My sister lived in Monroe, Louisiana where the Robertsons’ reside for almost two years! Si even came in to the hospital where she worked and she didn’t recognize him!! I will never let her live that down!! My brother-in-law got to be in an episode of Duck Dynasty and met Sadie like twice so one day we’ll be bff’s!!

10. Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley


While I followed each of these ladies individually, getting to watch them all together on the talk show The Real is the best!! Adrienne is the sexy Latina from NYC, so beautiful so sassy! Jeannie is such a risk taker with her fashion and a total ball of energy! She was a judge at Miss USA and I was most sad about not making top 10 because it meant less face time with my idol! Tamera – Never have I ever seen someone on television who is so similar to myself!! The mom of the group, the one the friends make fun of because she never understands the risqué jokes, likes to think she can ‘turn up’ but has zero street cred haha I love her to pieces!! Above all, all three of these ladies are strong in their faith, family focused, career women and while their backgrounds and personalities are so different they always respect each others unique perspectives!


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