Alright friends I am having a serious dark florals moment right now!! I found this dress on RentTheRunway (more on this later) and fell in love! It’s so Olivia Culpo! Feminine, fashion forward, and just screams party! Well every time I had a Miss Idaho USA event or actual party to attend the dress was never available so when I saw it come available in my size I snatched it up! Once I had it in my possession I just had to create a reason to wear it…”Hey boyfriend let’s have a date night on Friday!!” (: He loves going out, I’m a homebody so when I offer a night out on the town I know he’s down! It was a beautiful day in late May so we went to dinner at my favorite venue in Moscow, the courtyard at Martin’s Steakhouse. If you’ve never been there’s actually two different dining options, a bar, and an ice cream shop that all share the courtyard. As the sun goes down you’ll notice the twinkle lights strung above the tables… seriously Instagram worthy place! And people think Idaho isn’t chic (insert eye rolling emoji). I was a little overdressed for Mac N Cheese with BBQ Pork (to die for!!) but that’s the story of my life so it didn’t bother me one bit! The cold shoulder look was perfect for early summer nights when it’s hot at the beginning of the meal and by the end the sun is setting. If I had been going out to a party or a more formal affair I would have paired the dress with my ankle lace up black Aldo’s but to dress it down for a small town night out I opted for my super comfy and surprisingly cute Clark’s sandals. Seriously, I’ve never owned Clark’s before in my LIFE! Clark’s are a comfort brand I thought were only made for orthopedic patients and people like my mother who live for comfort over style… love you mommy! When I found these with their on-trend chunky two-inch heel I decided I could overlook my feelings on the brand and give them a go! I have a feeling they’ll be a summer staple!

After dinner we walked a few blocks to my other favorite spot in Moscow, The Kenworthy Performing Arts Center, to catch a $5 movie. I’m a Tinseltown Old Hollywood lover so the fact that this movie theater was originally on the vaudeville circuit back in 1928 and began showing silent films in 1929 makes it completely magical to me! It went through a renovation in 2000 but it still maintains the classic old theater charm that I love so much! Anyway we saw Going In Style starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin and it was pretty darn funny! Definitely the type of movie you can watch with any crowd and enjoy a few laughs!


Dress: Black Floral Adeline Dress by Alexis

Sandals: Clarks

Earrings: Claire’s


Date Night!

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